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Sleep to save your life!

Restorative sleep is emerging to be a critical experience to be healthy and increase your chance of living a long, healthy and happy lifetime! It is one of the two most important lifestyle factors to achieve wellness. And how you sleep effects how your nutrients metabolize in your body tissues. The poorer your sleep, the increased inflammation and increased requirement for nutrients progresses - all wearing on your basic health status.


*7-9 hours sleep per night statistically best amount of sleep

*Bedtime 10-11 pm best to keep healthy circadian rhythm

*Sleep Hygiene important: keep sleeping room quiet, dark and low electrical exposures (don't sleep next to your smartphone, electric and wireless clocks/clock radio, etc.)

*Reduce LED and Screen time one hour before bed to support your production of natural melatonin to help you go to sleep

*If you have Sleep Apnea seek out methods of correcting - have a sleep study and follow recommendations that fit your preferences.

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